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Las Vegas Holidays: A How-To Guide

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Las Vegas holidays are a busy time when thousands of visitors travel to the city to take part in all of the festivities. By taking advantage of the yearly calendar, it will make it easier for you to plan your trip in advance. You can use it to put together a “how to guide” that tells you when the busiest times of the year are and when Las Vegas is a little more relaxed.

If you’re searching for a particular event, this will allow you to see when it will take place. This way, you can determine when the best time to arrive would be and how long to stay.

On the flip side, you can determine when to visit the city if you want to avoid the largest crowds. The yearly calendar can also help you get better rates on accommodations by booking in advance or by planning your visits between major events.

Here are some of the holidays and major events scheduled, by month, that you need to be aware of when planning a trip to Sin City:

  • January– The city’s New Years Eve parties are some of the most elaborate in the nation. Combine this with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the Adult Entertainment Expo (AVN) that also takes place during the month of January and your hotel rates can double. Expect traffic to be a nightmare, as well.
  • February– Valentine’s Day brings a lot of lovers to the city either to get married or just to enjoy a fun weekend, which makes this a busy time of year. Super bowl weekend will pack in the crowds making it hard to find a vacancy at any of the hotels. Don’t make any last minute plans or you may be out of luck.
  • March– March is a busy month in Las Vegas with events such as NASCAR, ShoWest and St Patrick’s Day celebrations. You also have March Madness throughout the month and Spring Break. More college students choose Vegas over many of the other vacationing spots so you’ll need to book really early.
  • April– The month of April is pretty relaxed with only one major event during the first week, which is the National Association of Broadcasters. This is a good time to visit the city when you don’t want to deal with a huge crowd but still want some extra excitement.
  • May-May is a busy month with Memorial Day giving visitors a three-day weekend to enjoy and the Cinco De Mayo holiday is also celebrated.
  • June– This is a great time to plan your trip to Vegas when you’re searching for the quietest time of the year. There are no major holidays scheduled for this month.
  • July– Fourth of July is always a huge event and Las Vegas has one of the biggest celebrations in the country. This is going to be one of the busiest times to travel to the city. Rates will double and if you don’t book way in advance, you won’t get a room.
  • August– The Men’s Apparel Guild of CA Convention meets during the later part of the month. Large crowds attend to view both men and women fashions. Celebrities always attend this convention, which also attracts more visitors.
  • September– In September, visitors will gather to the city for Labor Day weekend. What better way to celebrate a few days off work than relaxing in Las Vegas for your long weekend.
  • October– October is a busy month with two holidays to look forward to. The first is Columbus day weekend. At the end of the month, Halloween parties spring up all over the city.
  • November– Veterans day is celebrated in Vegas and the week of Thanksgiving will draw in thousands of tourists who want to enjoy this holiday in style. It will be long lines at the restaurants beginning the day before Thanksgiving and lasting throughout the weekend.
  • December– December is one of the busiest months of the year. The National Finals Rodeo takes place in the first half of the month and Christmas celebrations fill the end of the month.

Using a Las Vegas holiday calendar as a “how to guide” will make it easy to plan for any trip to Sin City. You’ll know when to request time off work, book your trip and arrange for your accommodations. This allows you to be a part of the festivities you enjoy the most.